Friday, 17 April 2015

Ed Miliband - a retrospective (part 1)

I was browsing through my blog looking for pieces about Ed Miliband, there's over 200, and I came across this one from 2008, entitled 'Democracy Gordon Brown style'. What's interesting is the appearance of both Ed Miliband and his brother David, both happy to toe the line that the Lisbon Treaty was not the same as the 'abandined' EU Constitution. Here's what I wrote at the time:
 'Gordon Brown is as fundamentally dishonest as Tony Blair was and his behaviour over the EU Treaty is nothing short of disgusting. Gordon Brown was part of the team that wrote the last Labour manifesto, you remember the one that promised a referendum on the EU Constitution. Yes I do realise that that was only promised to draw any advantage that might accrue to the Conservatives if they promised a referendum. Then Gordon Brown reneged on this promise by claiming that the Treaty was not the same as the Constitution. He and other Labour politicians love to quote Angela Merkel when she said that the Constitutional process had been abandoned. It has, but that does not matter a bean as all that was abandoned was the process of rep;lacing all the existing European Treaties with a new Constitution. This process has been replaced with a new amending treaty that moves us to the same place as we would have been with the Constitution but by amending the existing treaties instead. As Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, the architect of the abandoned European Constitution, admitted
"Looking at the content, the result is that the institutional proposals of the constitutional treaty….are found complete in the Lisbon Treaty, only in a different order and inserted in former treaties.." He made clear that the purpose of the rewritten Treaty was to make people think the new version did not merit being put to the people in referendums. "Above all, it is to avoid having referendums thanks to the fact that the articles are spread out and constitutional vocabulary has been removed," he added. 

An Angela Merkel quote that the Labour liars refer to less often comes from her speech in June 2007 to the European Parliament and runs "The substance of the Constitution is preserved, that is a fact". '
Note that Ed Miliband wouldn't answer whether he'd read the Treaty, I think it's pretty obvious why.

Also look from 1:55 and see how Ed Miliband truly is a rebel, he's put his jacket collar up: what a rebel? No, what a dork!

Also remember that when Labour Party members  pine for David Miliband that he was as happy as his dork of a brother to give away British powers and diminish democracy.

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Tcheuchter said...

Your description of our wonderful next prime minister as a dork made me consult my Venn diagram (ht to whoever I downloaded it from) and I think you are right.,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNF40ytnhT01fwUCMzJ_93laDEE6fQ&ust=1429462296679889