Sunday, 19 April 2015

Star Wars - The Force Awakens

I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, I've not even watched the second batch of three films (Episodes 1 - 3), actually mybe that makes me a true Star Wars fan! Regardless of that, the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, excites me; here's the new teaser trailer

So what do we see and learn?
This desert planet may look like Tatooine, home of the Skywalkers, but is it?

What is the crashed battle ship? Empire?

Those words must be spoken by Luke but is that really him with the robotic hand sitting with R2D2?

Very Jedi hermit, if it is, and it must be.

'My father has it? Is Darth Vader stil alive?

That use of 'you', remember that 'you' can be both second person singular and plural.

The obligatory fighters flying, a yahoo, lots of running, heavy breathing and fires illuminating the darkness.

What is that TIE Fighter doing in an Imperial hangar shooting at other TIE fighters? Undercover heroes, Han Solo again?

I see there's a new 'cute' R2D2 replacement, figurines to sell?

More flying down tunnels; does the Millenium Falcom have a 'turn 90 degrees button', or does that automatiucally happen when it is chased into enters a narrow tube, tunnel or similar?

And here's Han and Chewie, looking old but good (Han that is). Leather jackets are coming back into style this Christmas then?

But where's home? Han is an orphan and smuggler who never had a home that I know of. The Wookies had a home planet but most of were enslaved or killed many years ago.

So is this Han and Chewie getting back on to the Millenium Falcon for the first time in a long time?
That would fit in with the images just preceding this excerpt. Lots of questions, much speculation.

We must wait for the next teaser to learn any more. Or the film at Christmas 2015.

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Jim said...

The crashed ship is an Imperial Star Destroyer. in the foreground is a crashed Rebel X-wing.

Not sure if its Tattooine, but it does certainly look like it.

It does have to be luke, but Darth Vader perhaps is not alive, but is in the movie in the way Obi Wan was in the others as a "ghost", he appeared in this form as an old Anakin at the very end of "return of the Jedi, with Yoda and Obi Wan.