Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Corbyn's Alternative Facts on Thatcher and Apartheid as not reported by the BBC

Guido Fawkes has found another example of a Labour lie.

'Jeremy Corbyn has written to Theresa May claiming Margaret Thatcher "supported Apartheid".

He's tweeted the same:

A demonstrably untrue statement straight out of the Trumpian playbook that the Labour leader is currently copying.

Nelson Mandela praised Thatcher's role in helping to end Apartheid, famously saying:

"She is an enemy of Apartheid. We have much to thank her for."

Amhed Kathadra, one of Mandela's closest friends, said Thatcher was instrumental in ending Apartheid:

"Her word did count – I'm sure of it… Mrs Thatcher wasn't one of our oppressors."

Strangely the BBC are not reporting this latest Labour slur. I suppose in the BBC/Labour Party world facts matter less than pushing the anti Conservative/anti President Donald Trump narrative.

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