Monday, 2 January 2017

Some ‘child migrants’ to UK as old as 29, according to age assessments per Metro News - not a word from the pro unlimited immigration BBC

Some of the unaccompanied child migrants who entered into the UK are as old as 29, according to an assessment by officials.

Assessments carried out by social workers in the UK suggest some of the lone child refugees who entered Britain earlier this year may have lied about their age.

Figures obtained by the Mail on Sunday from 50 authorities across the country following tests carried out between 2013 and 2016 imply 465 asylum seekers were over 18.

An FoI request revealed one man was assessed at almost twice as old as he claimed. The refugee, assessed by Hampshire County Council in 2014-2015 said he was 17, but following tests social workers thought his age was closer to 29.

While in Manchester 2013-2014, a woman who claimed to be 17 was assessed as 26.

There's more here but obviously not at the BBC where truth is less important than pushing the left wing agenda of unlimited immigration.

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