Saturday, 29 April 2017

Israel supporters thrown out of Westminster Palestine meeting by armed police

'In a blog post published by Richard Millett, one of the pro-Israel attendees, he described how he had asked one of the panel "whether she had any sympathy with Israelis left bereaved and disabled by suicide bombers who got into Israel before the [security] wall, which she condemned, had been built?

"[Mr] Hendrick immediately intervened on her behalf saying that this was a meeting about Palestine, not Israel. When I pressed that she should be allowed to answer he went outside to call armed police.

"I was then politely asked to leave the room by police and then asked to give my personal details. At one stage I was surrounded by seven heavily armed police". He then described how his fellow activists "were all similarly led out". '

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Remember the Israel haters don't like to hear the truth.

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