Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Labour Party members and their Nazi beliefs per Campaign Against Antisemitism

I'm catching up with some old articles that I have neglected to post. Here's one based upon

'The antisemitism of the far-left often appears to be a distinct phenomenon — starting with the antisemitism of early Marxists, it later absorbed the antisemitism of Stalin's Russia. From the 1980s onward, far-left antisemitism has been established as part of a supposedly anti-imperialist position. Elements of the far-left have embraced genocidally antisemitic Islamist movements, and under the cover of so-called identity politics have come to portray Jews as 'white oppressors'.

These political and historical developments are real, but their existence lowered down ropes into the pitch-dark pit into which Western societies once cast older forms of antisemitism, enabling them to haul themselves to the surface once more.

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership is a case in point: antisemitism within it has been denied and has now gone unpunished for so long that it is possible to see the very worst forms of it appearing from the darkness, blinking into the light.

So it is that in the last few months we have seen numerous cases of notorious conspiracy myths about the Rothschild family of bankers and philanthropists appearing in the ranks of the Labour Party.'

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