Friday, 26 May 2017

Another summer, another surge in migration figures, writes Leo McKinstry

I think it fair to say that Leo McKinstry is not a fan of mass immigration. Read this in The Express

'We are lectured about the dangers of intolerance, yet what could be more intolerant than the barbaric, misogynist, primitive Islamist culture that has been imported into our lands? We are told to "carry on as normal", even while the authorities allow at least 3,000 known jihadists, such as the Manchester killer Salman Abedi, to live in our neighbourhoods. Yet the politicians refuse to recognise that the Europe they have built is one where extremism deepens and integration is giving way to segregation.

The politicians tell us that the terrorism will not "change our way of life". But governments across Europe are deliberately transforming the very fabric of our civilisation through their dogma about open borders. Due to the colossal influxes of foreigners, we are living through by far the biggest social revolution in Europe's history. '

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