Thursday, 18 May 2017

Nick Clegg on having to accept the EU Referendum result

That's Nick Clegg on Brexiteers having to accept the EU Referendum result, from before the Referendum when he assumed a Remain victory. And now? Who's like those Japanese soldiers fighting the last war?

This is rather similar to the BBC's attitude. Barely a day passes without the BBC having Nick Clegg or some other Remoaner on to whine about Brexit. Imagine if the Remoaners had won the Referendum, do you seriously believe that the BBC would give Brexiteers the airtime they are giving Remoaners now. Of course not, any Brexiteer would be told that the people had decided and that was that. This would be the case were the result 52:48 in favour of Remain or just a victory by one vote.

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