Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn struggles over cost of childcare policy per BBC News

When even the BBC have little choice but to point out that Jeremy Corbyn's performance on Woman's Hour was woeful then you must see how bad it was:

Analysis, by BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith

This was on a par, or possibly even worse, than Diane Abbott getting into a pickle on the cost of Labour's policing pledges.That's not just because Jeremy Corbyn is the party leader, but also because childcare is an absolutely key pledge, he's campaigning on it today - and he was clearly struggling badly for the numbers.When you get the leader struggling to say how much a core Labour policy is going to cost it sparks questions about how clear, how thorough, how credible its spending plans are.'

More here but the institutionally pro Labour Party BBC will be itching to embarrass Theresa May as badly.

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