Monday, 29 May 2017

Kent Police refuses to deploy officers to help young Jewish family under attack by teenagers hurling stones per Campaign Against Antisemitism

'A Jewish family enjoying the seaside in Kent was allegedly attacked earlier today by a gang of youths shouting "Jews" and hurling stones. The family called the police, but were told that officers would not be attending.

The family of two parents and their five children aged 8 to 15, were playing on the beach when two boys and three girls aged 16 to 18 allegedly ran towards them, hurling stones. As the attack continued and the parents tried to shelter their children, the family called Kent Police, but the emergency operator advised them that no officers would be dispatched, despite the assailants remaining at the scene. Instead, they were told that an officer would contact them the following week to "investigate".'

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Imagine the police reaction if it had been a Muslim family attacked.

If this had been a Muslim family attacked then the BBC would be all over this story. But as it's Jews, there will be no coverage.

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