Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party and anti-semitism

That Jeremy Corbyn has a problem with Israel has been clear for years, that he had no problem calling virulent anti-Semites 'friends' likewise, but that he was himself freely associated with anti-Smites was less clear - until now.

The recent revelations that he was a member of five Facebook groups where anti-Semites posted nasty anti-Jew comments should be headline news but the BBC are still minimising their reporting of this story, for two reasons: first because they want a Labour government as soon as possible (partly to end Brexit) and secondly because the BBC itself indulges anti-Semites by regularly vilifying Israel and by indulging the Muslims and anti-Semites who hate Jews.

There's a line in Ian Fleming's Goldfinger where Auric Goldfinger says of James Bond's habit of appearing in his vicinity "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action." Jeremy Corbyn has now been found to be a member of five Facebook groups where anti-Semitic sentiments have been freely expressed. It seems that Jeremy Corbyn joined these groups of his own free will and was a member of some for years. Guido Fawkes here and here has the detail. So is it time to conclude that Jeremy Corbyn is an enemy of Jews?

We keep being told that Jeremy Corbyn is a man of principle and a kindly old chap too. It seems that the truth is at variance with those claims.

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