Thursday, 29 March 2018

Jeremy Corbyn’s worldview is made for antisemites per Danny Finklestein

Danny pretty much nails Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party in this article

Here's an extract:

'Zionism became a shorthand for colonial oppression, and anti-Zionism a statement of opposition to western capitalism and of confidence that there is a workable popular alternative to the free market economy. Nazism was imperialist so Zionism must be like Nazism, and Hitler and the Jews were collaborators. This was the politics championed by Ken Livingstone, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell as they worked together in the early 1980s, each with their own emphasis. It is all over the articles they produced for London Labour Briefing and Labour Herald. And it defined the allies that they accumulated.

Believing that there is a global conspiracy of bankers, Zionist colonialists, and the freemasons to oppress the workers of the world is a dangerously bonkers idea. And it is also bound to attract and sustain antisemites. The man who painted Corbyn's mural is just one example.

Jeremy Corbyn wasn't on those Facebook groups of antisemites by accident, nor did the mad conspiracy mural come to his attention by happenstance. He belonged to these groups because he shares their conspiracy-driven way of looking at the world, even if he wouldn't always use the same language.'

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