Sunday, 11 March 2018

McDonnell: UK economy - Britain to become a Socialist country

'Mr McDonnell said that no-one should mistake his round of meetings with banks like Barclays and fund managers in the City (the so called "Rich Tea offensive" of discussions over biscuits of Labour's economic policies) with a reduction in his radicalism.

What does being "a socialist" mean, I asked him.

"It means to create a society that's radically fairer, radically more equal, radically more democratic, based upon a prosperous economy, but where that economy is sustainable, economically and environmentally, and here's the difference between us and the Conservatives, where that prosperity is shared by everybody."

Do you think Britain could become a socialist country?


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Be in no doubt what becoming a Socialist country means. Capital controls, centralised economic control and the equalisation of income to the detriment of all. Look at Venezuela, Cuba and every other Socialist / Communist country for a look into the future of the UK under a Jeremy Corbyn / John McDonnell Labour government. Not that the BBC will ever bring up such inconvenient facts.

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