Friday, 11 May 2018

Communist Party of Britain: No Difference Between Us and Jez per Guido Fawkes

Guido Fawkes has this shocking, but not surprising, news that:

'The FT has been given access to a Communist Party of Britain meeting and spoken to its leader Robert Griffiths, who says there are "no major differences on immediate issues" between his party and Corbyn's Labour. Griffiths said that among Corbyn's top team – which includes former communist Andrew Murray – there is overlap on Brexit and leaving NATO. He suggested communists are now working to build the Corbyn movement rather than develop their own cadres. Griffiths also said "a lot" of communists joined Labour to back Jez at the time of Corbyn's first leadership election…

The reds think Jezza is delivering their manifesto 'Britain's Road to Socialism', which they say is turning out to be a "good guide" to the current direction of the left. Earlier this year Guido reported on a joint meeting between Labour and the CPB. Last year the party declined to stand candidates against Labour at the general election for the first time in decades. Don't say you weren't warned…'

Not surprising news but also something that should be more widely known. As the acting propaganda arm of the Labour Party, the BBC will not report this news. Protecting the British people from the truth about Jeremy Corbyn and his associates is hard to work but rewarding for the fellow travellers at the BBC. 

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