Thursday, 3 May 2018

Thornberry Present at Abbas Jew Hate Speech per Guido Fawkes

Mahmoud Abbas made an antisemitic speech and the BBC didn't bother reporting it. I reported on this at the time. 

I've just read at Guido Fawkes here that the Labour Party shadow Foreign Secretary was in attendance, commented on social media about it but took quite some time to tweet her opposition to the antisemitism on display. You can read the whole story at the link above. Here's an extract:

Emily Thornberry attended the Mahmoud Abbas speech which made global headlines this week for its anti-Semitic content, Guido can reveal. 

Thornberry was representing Labour at the Palestinian National Council (PNC) meeting in Ramallah. The Shadow Foreign Secretary confirmed her attendance in a a Facebook post published after Abbas' speech. Her statement did not reference Abbas' anti-Semitic comments…

Here's Emily Thornberry second statement:

"It is deeply regrettable that, during a lengthy speech whose main and successful purpose was to urge the Palestinian National Council to remain committed to the Middle East peace process and the objective of a two-state solution, President Abbas made these anti-Semitic remarks about the history of the Jewish community in Europe which were not just grossly offensive, but utterly ignorant. His comments were out of keeping with the tone of the Council as a whole, and of my discussions with other delegates, and I hope President Abbas will immediately apologise for them, so that the message to come out of this important Council meeting can remain positive and progressive, and focused on re-establishing peaceful and constructive dialogue."

Labour sources are concerned that the Shadow Foreign Secretary did not initially distance herself from the remarks or condemn them. It has been confirmed that she was in the room during the remarks, alongside 80 other international observers.'

You won't be surprised to learn that the institutionally anti Israel, and now seemingly borderline antisemitic, BBC have not reported Emily Thornberry's attendance or comments. I wonder why? 

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