Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Ken Livingstone 'was told what to say about Zionism row by Corbyn's team' - The Jewish Chronicle

Now this is fascinating... 

'Ken Livingstone told the disciplinary hearing that originally investigated his comments about Hitler and Zionism he was advised on what to say in media interviews by senior figures in Jeremy Corbyn's office.

A transcript, obtained from the March 2017 probe into the former London Mayor's remarks, confirms he claimed he was frequently telephoned by Seumas Milne or Simon Fletcher with instructions on what he should say in front of the television cameras.

Mr Livingstone also insisted that the pair would offer to put out tweets in Mr Livingstone's name.

During his cross examination at the disciplinary hearing, Mr Livingstone claimed: "When there was a big row blow up, I'd be overwhelmed.

"There'd be half a dozen camera crews outside, the phone would go all the time, and I'd talk to either Seamus Milne, his press officer or Simon Fletcher about what do you want me to say?'"

He added: "Sometimes they'd phone and tell me what they wanted me to say, or they'd say, 'We put out a tweet in your name'."

The transcript was obtained by LBC from the three day hearing, which took place after Mr Livingstone made his remarks about Hitler and Zionism during a BBC Radio London interview in April 2016.

Mr Livingstone announced he was resigning from Labour on Monday, ahead of a new disciplinary hearing by the party's ruling body.'

Mite here in the JC  but not a word on the BBC for whom anything, even a government lead by the likes of Corbyn, Milne etc is better than a Conservative government.

I have a very, very, very bad feeling about the future of this country. 

I have almost as bad a feeling about the plans the Labour Party and its propaganda arm, the BBC, have for this country's future. 

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