Thursday, 3 May 2018

Sajid Javid demands Jeremy Corbyn denounce racist abuse against him but Jeremy Corbyn doesn't

'Sajid Javid today angrily demanded Jeremy Corbyn denounce his supporters for branding him a 'coconut' and an 'Uncle Tom' since his appointment as Home Secretary.

Amid furious exchanges in a Commons debate on the Windrush scandal, Mr Javid demanded the Labour leader come to the Despatch Box to condemn the abuse.

Since being made Home Secretary on Monday, Mr Javid has been subject to a torrent of racist abuse - much of which appears to come from left-wingers who profess support for Mr Corbyn.

The Labour leader kept his seat when Mr Javid made his challenge... '

Allegedly Jeremy Corbyn is vehemently opposed to racism, odd that he wouldn't denounce those of his supporters who were being racist towards a black Conservative MP. I wonder why Jeremy Corbyn didn't do this? Actually, I don't. 

More here at The Mail but obviously not on the BBC where supporting their precious Labour Party is more important than opposing racism, after all there are local elections to help Labour do well in today. 

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