Saturday, 28 June 2008

The best conspiracy theory I have read so far...

"What do you think about the unified conspiracy theory?

The illuminati (decendants of alien/ human crossbreeding) are responcible for global warming. The attack on the twin towers was just a decoy, the real purpose was to disguise the release of super greenhouse gasses (developed at area 51) mixed in with the smoke cloud from the fire. Mind cantrol devices and clones were heavily used to help perpetrate this fraud. The purpose of heating up the planet is to allow colonization by the great elder race. Almost forgot this group is headquartered in Isreal and is responcible for the death of JFK (who was about to blow the whistle on them. Please let me know if i forgot to add something to please any other group. Crab The other 2 groups you mentioned are varient species (mutants) of the above race. They serve the illuminati in more indirect ways. As to the moon linding that is their best piece of work to date. Not faking it but making people think it was faked to hide the "New Zion" homeland base. FOA Bigfoot is the key player on this list. Bigfoot is really last surviving member of the elder race. As such he is the true ruler of Earth. We will never be completely free while he lives. "

The above theory comes from, wow!

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archroy said...

Is this David Icke's election manifesto?