Monday, 30 June 2008

Star Trek - a jewish conspiracy?

I knew that Leonard Nimoy was Jewish, but was surprised to learn at the weekend that so was William Shatner. Mr Spock and Captain Kirk Does this explain all or nothing? Probably the latter.

Just digging around Wikipedia reveals that Walter Koenig was also Jewish. Curiouser and curiouser, James T. Kirk, Spock and Chekov. Any others?


John M Ward said...


It has seemed for some time that one has to be Jewish to get anywhere in Hollywood, unless one has something truly exceptional (and otherwise unavailable) to offer, such as an upper-class English accent, the martial arts of Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, or the build of Arnie.

Directors, producers, most composers and many stars are of the faith. Mel Brooks even admitted as much in his "Evening with" programme on LWT some years ago, joking that some even change their names to appear not to be be Jewish.

It's just one of those things about the American film and TV industry, I suppose.

robbie said...

Jewish ethnicity is important too if you want to get on in the BBC both on screen and in production and direction. Every other name and face is Jewish and I am not exaggerating.

Not a sheep said...

"Every other name and face is Jewish and I am not exaggerating" Really? Pick any programme from the last month on BBC1 or BBC2 and show me this 50:50 split amongst the performers, the production team or directors. Good luck on that...