Sunday, 22 June 2008

More "rights" rubbish

Apparently "Toddlers are to be taught about human rights and respecting different cultures in a scheme condemned as an "absurd" waste of time. "

Read the whole article and despair at the way that brainwashing of "our children" is moving at such a pace. Secondary school pupils have long been brainwashed re the evils of imperialism and the guilt we should carry for slavery and poverty in Africa. The brainwashing about "Man Made Climate Change" spread into Primary schools and now toddlers must learn about human rights. The "left" have control over so much of the educational system in this country that I wonder if we have a future at all.

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John M Ward said...

Yes, I read that Telegraph article yesterday. All part of a pattern that began in earnest several years ago, most notably with the introduction of the Early Years scheme earlier this decade.

It is indeed all a form of brainwashing, to ensure that the next generation has the "right" outlook drummed into them before they are old enough to vote or otherwise get in the way of those who wish to dictate our country's future.

All very easily predictable (and I did predict it, long ago) but not easy to halt.