Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The 'apartheid state' of Israel - for @DD1958

I am sick of people claiming that Israel is an 'apartheid state' and I have blogged about this lie over and over again, take a look at this lengthy post.

On Twitter @DD1958 keeps repeating this slur over and over again, maybe he finds the repetition in some way comforting.

Elder of Ziyon has produced some posters that make the point rather well and since he has given me permission to reproduce them, here they are for people who need to be made aware of the truth...

Still feel willing and able to call Israel an 'apartheid state'? Don't you care about facts?

Here are some examples of what comes/would come closer to apartheid in the Middle East...

Israel is not an apartheid state, listen to those who know what apartheid is/was and look at the facts. Israel is the only democratic, multi-cultural country in the Middle East.

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Anonymous said...

An excellent post, which should be widely disseminated. A great many more quotations could be provided from those true tyrants and nazis like Mahmoud Abbas.
And, by the way, it is astonishing, is it not, that William Hague seems content that political recognition should be afforded to 'Palestine' given what its leaders say about Israel.