Friday, 30 November 2012

The United Nations has an unhealthy fixation on Israel

UN Watch reports that:
'According to a comprehensive UN Watch study of all U.N. General Assembly draft resolutions of its current 67th session, counting the one just approved today,  the world body plans to adopt a total of 21 resolutions singling out Israel for criticism in one form or another (see draft texts below) — and 4 resolutions for the rest of the world combined.
The four are: one on Syria, a regime that has murdered 40,000 of its own people, and one each on Iran, North Korea and Burma, whose government was largely praised in the U.N. text.

There will be no UNGA resolutions at all on China, Cuba, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Russia, Sudan, Venezuela, Pakistan — and all the rest.'
The United Nations is not about right and wrong, it is about how many friends and allies you have. There are 56 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, pledged to promote Muslim solidarity in economic, social, and political affairs. They usually vote as a bloc, that's 56 out of 193 UN member states. Add in oil reliant African countries, South & Central American socialist paradises and sundry rogue regimes and you can see why OIC members are only rarely criticised, and then only when they have done something truly abhorrent. 

Hatred of Israel, and for many that does mean hatred of Jews, is something that can unite the United Nations. Shame it's at the expense of the only democratic, multicultural state in the Middle East though!

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