Monday, 4 March 2013

Researchers find shocking new Holocaust figures

'The scale of the Nazis' attempt to eradicate Europe's Jewish population could far exceed what historians have long believed to be the case, according to a group of academics from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

As part of a 13-year project to catalogue the sites of Nazi atrocities and build a comprehensive map of the Holocaust, researchers have found evidence of 42,500 Nazi "killing centres", ghettoes, forced labour camps and other sites of persecution and murder.

The list, which covers the period between 1933 and 1945 and the different areas occupied by the Germans, includes camps where women were forced into prostitution or made to have abortions, as well as places where prisoners were forced to construct war equipment.

While major concentration camps such as Auschwitz are well known, the list includes myriad unknown Nazi sites, including an astonishing 980 concentration camps and 1,150 Jewish ghettoes.

The research team had anticipated finding evidence of around 7,000 Nazi sites; they have now identified six times that number.'
More here at the JC. Will the holocaust deniers have to deny even more?

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Tumbo said...

That will certainly keep the deniers busy.