Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The BBC respond

The BBC's Leanne Buckle has responded to my most recent email but has ignored my pointing out of an error of fact

'Dear Audience Member

Thank you for your further email to the Trust of 4 March 2013.  Your response will be considered as a challenge to my decision that Trustees should not hear this appeal.  Therefore, as was set out in my letter, your original appeal to the Trust, my response to it and your challenge letter will be put before Trustees at their April meeting.  Trustees will have access to your previous correspondence with the BBC.  If the Trustees agree with my decision not to hear your appeal, the case will close.  If they disagree with me, we will advise you of their decision and assign an independent editorial adviser to write a background note on the case – you would have sight of this and an opportunity to comment on it before it was put before Trustees – and we would also keep you abreast of the amended timeframe.'
Did you spot that marvellous line 'If the Trustees agree with my decision not to hear your appeal, the case will close.'. I wonder if that will be the case?

I have responded:

'Dear Leanne

Thank you for your response and I am pleased that my complaint will be put before the Trustees.

I have two questions at this time:
1. Do you / the BBC accept that the BBC's last response relied largely upon a factually incorrect statement - regarding the date of Rosh Hashonah?
2. What date is the April meeting of the Trustees?

Kind regards

NotaSheep MaybeaGoat'
I will keep you informed!

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