Sunday, 2 June 2013

A tale of two hearts

The tale of two hearts is a fascinating study of the contrasts between Islamist savagery and Israeli compassion. Read it here

Almost more noteworthy is this extract from the same piece:
'There are of course many Arabs and Muslims who reject this culture of death. Many do so in words. Some have done so in powerful deeds. In March 1997, for example, a Jordanian soldier – Corporal Ahmed Daqamseh – opened fire on a group of Israeli schoolgirls visiting the Jordanian border. He killed seven schoolgirls and wounded six others before his rifle jammed.

A few days after the attack, King Hussein of Jordan did something extraordinary. He travelled to Israel to express his remorse. He actually knelt down before each of the grieving families. "Your daughter is like my daughter. Your loss is my loss," he told them. At that moment in time, peace – real peace – seemed possible.

Sadly, not all Jordanian's share the late King's heart. Speaking on Al Jazeera in 2001, Daqamseh's mother said, "I am proud of my son. My son did a heroic deed and has pleased Allah and his own conscience." Last month, over ninety percent of the members of the Jordanian Parliament – 110 out of 120 – signed a petition calling Daqamesh a "hero" and demanding a special pardon to release him.'

Which side are you on? Peace and compassion or war and hatred?

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