Sunday, 9 June 2013

MPs want to turn your lights off. A shame no one told you - Telegraph

' By 2020, it said, Britain must reduce its electricity use by "103 terawatt hours", rising by 2030 to "154 terawatt hours". This could have been understood only by someone aware that we currently use each year some 378 "terawatt hours". So what was being proposed was that this must be cut down in six years by 27 per cent – more than a quarter – rising 10 years later to a cut of more than 40 per cent, or two fifths.'
The climate change obsession that will destroy our economy and lives, more here from Christopher Booker in The Telegraph

I am informed that Christopher Booker has corrected his article thus:
I must correct a rather serious error in this piece on such an important and complex subject. Although the amendment to the Government’s Energy Bill calling for a 27 percent reduction in Britain’s electricity use was bundled in with others, it was not a Government amendment, and although it was not formally withdrawn, it was not therefore part of the Bill as approved by the House. Later in the debate the minister, Greg Barker, did say that he “welcomed the principle behind the proposal’, but said that this issue should remain part of his Department’s ongoing review of how our electricity demand should be reduced. I apologise profusely to my readers for my misreading of what happened, which I will return to correct and explain in more detail in next week’s column. 

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