Sunday, 2 June 2013

No.10 rocked by secret love affair: 'Stunned' PM holds crisis talks over fears tryst will 'blow political agenda out of the water' | Mail Online

Apparently ' David Cameron has held crisis talks at Downing Street after being told of allegations of a sensational love affair which has potentially significant political implications for him.

For legal reasons, The Mail on Sunday cannot disclose the identities of the people involved or any details of the relationship – even its duration – other than that they are middle-aged figures. The affair has now concluded.'
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What is 'middle aged'? Who can we exclude from the list of possibles? Do we know it was a man & a woman? Two men? Two women? Who really cares?

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Deborah said...

Notasheep - you came really high on the Google search when I thought I would take a look who this affair involves! With absolutely no shred of evidence but trying to think might be involved I first thought of Clegg and Cherie - but with Clegg in the Cabinet this has to be wrong. Then wondered about Mrs Cameron and Peter Mandelson but guess that there is not a lot of interest shown by Peter. I can only assume that it is someone with a great knowledge of what is happening at present in No 10 enjoying fraternising with someone very involved with the Labour party.