Thursday, 6 June 2013

Now half of sham marriages involve foreign students: Members of bogus colleges who face being kicked out marry Britons and EU citizens to prolong their stay | Mail Online

'In a major new immigration scam, half of all bogus weddings now involve foreign students.

The revelation shows the full scale of the past abuse of the student visa system.

The non-EU nationals faced removal from Britain after their bogus colleges were shut down in a crackdown by the Government.

But, instead of returning home, they are arranging fake weddings with British nationals or EU citizens to prolong their stay, often paying thousands of pounds in fees to 'fixers'.

Under a Brussels edict, marrying an EU citizen can grant the same rights to stay as marrying a Briton.

Officials say the trend shows that the migrants' true reason for travelling to the UK in the first place was to settle, not  to study. Last year, they identified a suspected 2,000 sham marriages.'

This scam like the other immigration scams must be stopped, albeit it's too late.

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