Monday, 10 June 2013

Some news from 'Palestine' that you won't find on the BBC

JPost reports this:
'Palestinian Authority Economy Minister Jawad al-Naji was forced to walk out of The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Conference on Saturday after participants demanded that he leave for insulting a man who asked a “provocative” question.

The man was later severely beaten by PA security officers accompanying the minister and taken to hospital.


Eyewitnesses reported that one of the participants, Nizar Banat, asked the minister why the PA and President Mahmoud Abbas were continuing to conduct security coordination with Israel while fighting “normalization” with Israelis.

In response, the angry minister called on the activist to to “stop barking.” The minister’s remark drew sharp criticism from the participants, who demanded that he leave the conference instantly.

When the moderator asked the minister to apologize, al- Naji walked out of the conference.
One of the participants said that PA security officers and Fatah “thugs” later beat Banat as he exited the conference.'

People have previously queried why I post articles like this with the tags BBC bias and BBC brainwashing when the BBC have not published anything about the matter I am referring to. The reason is that the BBC show bias by omitting to report news as well as by what they choose to report.

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