Sunday, 2 June 2013

What choices for Christians in Syria?

'After the prayer walk Janssen had the opportunity to meet with Syrian Christian refugees, who told him how they came to flee their homes and villages.  Their village was occupied by rebel forces, who proceeded to announce that they were now under an Islamic emirate, and were subject to sharia law.
The Christian residents were offered four choices:

1. renounce the 'idolatry' of Christianity and convert to Islam;

2. pay a heavy tribute to the Muslims for the privilege of keeping their heads and their Christian faith (this tribute is known as jizya);

3. be killed;

4. flee for their lives, leaving all their belongings behind. Some Christians were killed, some fled, some tried to pay the jizyaand found it too heavy a burden to bear after the rebels kept increasing the amount they had to pay,  and some were unable to flee or pay, so they converted to Islam to save themselves.'

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