Friday, 2 August 2013

The one hundred and fifty seventh weekly 'No shit, Sherlock' award

I seem to have missed a few weeks of awards, for which I apologise!

This one is a doozy though.

The BBC report that 'Zimbabwe's presidential election was a "huge farce", PM Morgan Tsvangirai has said, alleging vote-rigging by rival President Robert Mugabe's camp.'

Vote-rigging by Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF thugocracy? 'No shit, Sherlock'

1 comment:

Oracle said...

Very unfair! You should at least award a joint nomination of Mugabe and Westminster. Westminster has postal voting as corrupt as anything in Zimbabwe, and also Gerrymandering of constituency boundaries, rotten boroughs, A lists, parachuting-in of preferred candidates, and stuffing of the Lords with paid passengers. If that does not qualify Westminster, what is?
Mugabe has much to learn from Westminster.