Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Antisemitism in Europe

A must read article from you must read the whole article but here's a thought provoking extract:
'One aspect of this is to expose anti-Semites. The estimated figure of 150 million European anti-Semites with extreme negative opinions about Israel is so shocking that not a single non-Jewish paper in Europe has dared to publish it. I have received a lot of media attention for Demonizng Israel and the Jews in Jewish circles. So far articles in at least eight languages have been published about the book.

In the non-Jewish world in Europe however, there is silence. I have been interviewed by journalists from major European papers. Their editors would not print the interviews. These interviews would most likely open up a Pandora's box. My publisher Rene van Praag said that just as there are many stories which are too small for the media to deal with, there are also stories which are too big.'

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