Saturday, 21 September 2013

Boycotting Israel is an anti-Semitic act

Boycotting Israel is an anti-Semitic act.
'... Now apply the image to the behaviour of boycotters. A dispersed weak focus is the trademark of their interest in Palestinians, where ever that unhappy refugee-people may live. No heat results. Nothing catches fire. War-torn Syria displaces Palestinians by the thousands; drops deadly gas on them. Lebanon stops Palestinians from entering; the near half a million that have lived for generations in Lebanon get third class treatment.

Egypt closes tunnels into Gaza, strangling the life out of Palestinians in the strip. Meanwhile look at boycotters. They get on with their lives.

Now reposition the magnifier onto Palestinians living in the West Bank. Here's an incredibly small parcel of land occupied by Jews. The pinpoint focus burns into boycotters. They catch fire and, in that vulgar phrase, all hell breaks loose.

What does that tell you? Where do boycotters have their sights fixed? Not on Palestinians; they as good as told us that by getting on with their lives regarding Palestinians living elsewhere. No, their sights are fixed on the other people under the magnifier – on the Jews. It's that people, not the Palestinians that make boycotters burn. The Jews make them catch fire.

When something fills you with rage when Jews do it, but does not bother you at all when Muslims do it, what are you? When Jews get you heated what are you? Boycotters get enraged only when Jews do something; only Jews get them heated. Boycotters hate Jews; boycotters are anti-Semitic.'

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