Sunday, 29 September 2013

BBC News pro-Pakistani bias again

There's a peculiar sentence in a BBC report on the upcoming talks between India and Pakistan.
'Delhi has also blamed Pakistan-based militants for the deadly attacks in Mumbai in 2008, urging Islamabad to punish the perpetrators.'
Two points, first Delhi has not blamed Pakistan-based militants, they have blamed Pakistan-based terrorists for the Mumbai attacks. Second the BBC's report makes it sound as though there was doubt as to whether the terrorists were from Pakistan, is that the case, I thought it had been determined beyond doubt that Lashkar-e-Taibar was responsible, indeed the only terrorist captured alive admitted this.

In fact there is much evidence linking the attack to Pakistan's ISI (Pakistan's premier intelligence agency) whose involvement with Islamist terrorist groups including Al Qaeda is well documented.

The trouble with the BBC is that they are not an impartial news reporting organisation. In the Indian subcontinent, as elsewhere in the world, the BBC take sides in disputes. In this instance the BBC is firmly pro-Pakistan and anti-India. This stance can be explained first by the BBC's love of anything Islamic and second by the BBC's large number of staff who are of Pakistani-heritage.

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