Sunday, 22 September 2013

I see the BBC are desperately spinning on behalf of Ed Miliband this morning

The BBC happily report without any querying that
'Ed Miliband 'urged Brown to sack Damian McBride'
Ed Miliband says he urged Gordon Brown to sack Damian McBride over concerns the spin doctor was briefing against senior Labour colleagues.

Mr McBride, who worked for Mr Brown, admits in a new book that he leaked stories to smear the ex-PM's opponents.

Mr Miliband - who worked with Mr McBride at the Treasury - said he had been "worried" about his activities.

And he had urged Mr Brown to get rid of the spin doctor, the Labour leader said in an interview with Andrew Marr.'
Really? Did you Ed? Can you prove it? Have you a copy of an email or letter? A contemporaneous note? Or is this just you desperately trying to distance yourself from the stench  of the last Labour government?

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