Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Iran and homosexuality

The new Iranian Penal code that was passed by the Guardian Council of the Constitution in Iran on May 1, 2013, states, “male homosexuality , in other cases rather than lavat [sodomy] and tafkhiz [rubbing penis between another man's tights without penetration], such as passionate kissing and lustful touching – is punishable by 31 to 74 punitive lashes of 6th degree.” [Article 237].
The wording of the law [such as..] allows the judge to consider any other “homosexual” conduct – whether imaginary or real – as deserving punishment …. This vague law, in practice, paves the way for the punishment of anyone arrested on suspicion of homosexuality, but can’t be tried on sodomy charges due to the lack of evidence.
Has anyone noticed any coverage of this news on the BBC? Or is criticism of Islamic states verbotten on the anti-Israel BBC?

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