Thursday, 1 May 2014

To wax or not to wax, that is the question

The subject o body hair seems to becoming more and more of an issue as the relatively recent supremacy of the waxed female body is challenged.

A film 'Secret Garden' examines the issue, here's a preview

Meanwhile The Mirror is shocked by the display of female body hair, as the headline reveals:
 'Madonna's not the only one to flaunt hairy armpits - here's more famous faces who forgot to shave'

Here's that shocking Madonna image...
Gosh! I'm lost for words. Don't The Mirror's 3AM team ever see real women?

It's interesting that The Mirror believes that women must have forgotten to shave, not made a conscious choice.

The rest of that article is so censorious:

Seemingly unaware of the hairy situation, she waved to horrified fans at the opening of Cadillac Records.

With rap-star hubby Jay-Z clinging proudly to her other arm, the stubble trouble went unnoticed by him as well.'
Here's that hair that so 'horified fans'

That Mirror article goes on to draw attention to Britney Spears:

'Britney Spears had a red-faced moment of her own at the 31st Annual American Music Awards.
Looking absolutely stunning in a glittery cream dress, all eyes were swept up to under her arm as soon as she lifted it to laugh.

All eyes.

The singer had a rather hefty amount of hair growing under there - we would seriously say it hadn't seen a razor for weeks.'
Here's a picture of that 'hefty amount of hair'

Hefty? Seriously?

Then there's Drew Barrymore:
'Drew Barrymore was spotted down Lexington Avenue in New York with a whole lot of fuzz on show.

Her low-cut black dress did nothing to save the situation unfortunately.'

Does this look like a situation that needs saving?

The Mirror then go on to include Lily Allen:
'Lily Allen is known for her, erm, bold nature, but we can't imagine she intended to show off any underarm hair.

She was pictured on stage in a knee-length dress and decided to stick her arm up in the air to say hi to the crowd.

 Here's the image that apparently so shocked The Mirror
I can't even see any underarm hair but apparently Lily Allen has form for the Mirror go on to explain that:
'And it wasn't the first time it happened to the hard Out Here singer either.

She was pictured again in 2008 letting her inner skank out.

Not only did the singer appear to have ditched her bra, but she seemed to be sporting a new manly, underarm hair look. Urgh!'
So underarm hair on a women is 'skanky'? Nice going The Mirror.

With attitudes like that in the press it's good that women such as Cameron Diaz are speaking their minds. Cameron Diaz earlier this year said that female pubic hair is there for a reason, and to remove it is tantamount to saying, "I don't need my nose".Unfortunately I have no pictures of Cameron Diaz's pubes, well actually I do and you can see them (from a long time ago in her career) here in this earlier blogpost.

Meanwhile a Google search for underarm hair brings up plenty of images that the Mirror's 3AM team might find shocking, but do you?

In researching this atricle I came across some odd articles and pictures that may be of interest; here's one.

There also appears to be quite a lot of porn related to underarm hair but most show other.... areas of the female body that would not sit well on this site. So here's a link to a clean example here and one to a site that is called hairy pits 'n' tits, so definitely NSFW.

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andy5759 said...

Lovely line from the film 'Sir Henry at Rawlinson End ', directed by Viv Stanshall; "That's the problem with the Italian Air Force, too much hair under the wings, 'planes kept falling out of the sky". That is a good film for quotes, Trevor Howard at his best.