Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hamas Al Qassam offices are next to the emergency room at Shifa Hospital

'... the Palestinian journalist was summoned by the security services of Hamas on Sunday. "I received a call from a private number. They summoned me to Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza City center, " explains Radjaa. He carried with him his two phones, his press card and a small camera.

A few meters from the emergency room where the injured from bombings are constantly flowing, in the outpatient department, he was received in "a small section of the hospital used as administration" by a band of young fighters. They were all well dressed, which surprised Radjaa, "in civilian clothing with a gun under one's shirt and some had walkie-talkies " . He was ordered to empty his pockets, removing his shoes and his belt then was taken to a hospital room "which served that day as the command office of three people." '

So there we have a Palestinian journalist describing how Hamas are basing themselves just a few metres from the emergency room at Al-Shifa hospital.

Have you heard or read anything about this state of affairs on the BBC? Of course not. The BBC is institutionally anti Israel and the rise in anti Semitism in the UK is in large part their fault. When a British Jew is injured or worse, it would be in order for the BBC to be prosecuted for incitement.

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