Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lyse Doucet update

Yesterday I posted this piece about Lyse Doucet's reporting (or rather non-reporting) of rockets being fired from Gaza at Israel. This Twitter conversation ended with this tweet of mine

I don't believe that I received an answer to that tweet, so when I saw this tweet

I just had to respond

To give Lyse Doucet some credit, she did have the courtesy to respond to me

So I reminded her that she hadn't answered my question re her not tweeting about rockets fired from Gaza prior to the Israeli response

Lyse Doucet came back with a reasonable excuse

So I responded with the obvious follow-up question/request
Alas Lyse Doucet has not managed to respond to this tweet yet. However I am sure that she will furnish me with this information today, after all surely her covering colleagues would have reported the Hamas rocket attacks in her absence... wouldn't they?

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ageing man said...

Lyse Doucet, is misguided by the sense of her own self importance.... She makes the most fundamental mistake that ordinary blokes in the street [such as me] hate.... she wants to be part of the story.... she seeks to vicariously share their pain and angst, provided it is never her pain and angst... She should stick to reporting the story, that is what she is.... a license payer funded reporter

Lyse Doucet has spent too long on the other side, she should return to the real world, whilst it still exists....

She will never report on the missiles sent from Gaza, because she see's more pain and angst in Gaza not in Israel and as long as there is mi pain su pain there will be Lyse Doucet