Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hamas tell civilians and UNRWA not to cooperate with Israeli warnings. Statement of refugees around the circle leaving some residents their homes by threats of the occupation north of Beit Lahia - Department of Refugee Affairs

I look forward to the BBC reporting this but know full well that they won't because they are institutionally anti Israel 

'1 - We call on our people in the border areas of stability and not to leave their areas, because that is part of the psychological warfare practiced by the enemy. And must not be the success of the aggressive policies of occupation, as happened in the catastrophe of 1948. The panic and escape from the pot will not work as Allah says: "Say: If you were in the homes of those who wrote them emerged to murder their beds and plagues of God, what is in your hearts and examines what in your hearts and God knows the breasts" (Al-Imran 154)
2 - We call on UNRWA to not open shelters or open schools as evacuation centers without coordination with the People's Committees of the refugees and the Interior Ministry and the concerned authorities. UNRWA and hold full responsibility for the safety of displaced persons sheltering them, and we still recall the massacre Fakhurah in the War of 2009, where UNRWA Mahtmin did not protect her school did not bear the occupation results of his crime. It also did not protect the UNRWA headquarters, where Israel bombed repeatedly.'

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