Sunday, 27 July 2014

HRW's definition of "human shields" changes when Israel is involved

Human Rights Watch seem to have a very fluid definition of 'human shields' depending on Israel's involvement...
'HRW, instead of condemning what are clearly cases of human shielding under international law and under their own definitions, is going out of its way to excuse Hamas, downplay their war crimes - and endanger Gazans. In this case we see that twice HRW changed their definition deliberately to excuse first Hezbollah and then Hamas - moving the goalposts as each terror group gets more depraved.
What kind of a "human rights" group tries so hard to excuse violations of human rights?
(NGO Monitor has documented many other examples of HRW's fluid definitions of "human shielding" to defend terrorists from the charge when Israel is involved.)'
More here but not a mention on the institutionally anti Israel BBC.

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