Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Asians bullied into postal vote fraud per The Times

The Times (£) reports the unsurprising news that:
'Asian voters are being intimidated into handing over their postal votes on a scale larger than the few arrests so far suggest, a former prosecutor has warned.
Nazir Afzal said that a form of feudal blackmail had been imported from south Asia with families facing retribution unless they voted for bullying candidates. Women and girls were being disenfranchised as households were being persuaded to hand over their ballot forms.'
What's most surprising about this news is that anyone is at all surprised. Still as this will benefit the Labour Party don't expect any BBC news coverage of this story.
One of the big news stories of this election will be the amount of vote rigging, a lot (but not all) via postal ballots. Don't expect any BBC outrage though.

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