Tuesday, 5 May 2015

"Our pledges are carved in stone" says Ed Miliband - but are they?

Ed Miliband's risible pledge stone was defended by him as exemplifying that: 
"Our pledges are carved in stone"

The trouble is how can we believe Ed Miliband's promise when on BBC 5Live this morning the Labour Party's vice-chair of the 2015 General Election campaign Lucy Powell let slip the truth.

When asked whether having to carve their pledges into stone was a sign the public didn’t trust them, she replied:
“I don’t think anyone is suggesting that the fact that he’s carved them into stone means, you know, means that he will absolutely, you know, not going to break them or anything like that.”
Listen here at Guido Fawkes

So who's lying to us: Labour leader Ed Miliband or Labour General Election vice-chair Lucy Powell?

One thing's for sure the BBC won't be asking the question? They prefer to campaign for a Labour Party victory.

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