Monday, 11 May 2015

George Galloway to challenge Bradford West election result per BBC News

The BBC report that Graceless George Galloway is challenging the Bradford West election result.
'Former MP George Galloway has announced he has started legal proceedings to challenge his general election defeat.

Mr Galloway, leader of the Respect Party, lost his Bradford West seat to Labour's Naz Shah, who he has alleged made "false statements" during the campaign to affect the result.

He also claimed "widespread malpractice" involving postal voting meant the result must be "set aside".A Labour spokesman said the action was "pathetic and without any foundation".'

George Galloway losing his seat was one of my personal highlights of election night, but if he is the means by which electoral fraud, especially around postal voting is finally recognised and tackled then so be it.

One step that David Cameron's new government could take to safeguard democracy in the UK would be to reduce the use of postal votes back to where it was prior to the last Labour government's meddling. Postal votes should be only for people too sick to make it to the polling station or those out of the country on that date. Everybody else should vote in person.

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adams said...

Cameron has already had five years to do something to curtail the Postal system . He has not even mentioned it as far as I know . He wants us ruled by the EU ,why bother with such trivialities?