Friday, 8 May 2015

Conservative priorities

With a Conservative majority, however small, Cameron should within the first year:

  • change the constituency boundaries to make them fairer; something that was part of coalition agreement but the LibDems reneged on
  • take on the BBC, they will oppose the Conservatives come what may, so just take them on, their anti-Conservative bias is not a secret
  • give the UK a proper EU in-out referendum as promised
  • either let Scotland go or allow them more independence but a) less representation in House of Commons, they are over-represented at present, b) no Scottish MP voting on England or England & Wales only legislation

Come on David Cameron, act like a real Conservative.

During the last Parliament you said that you were held back by being in coalition, you're not any more, so will you be true to your word or will you find another excuse?

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