Saturday, 13 May 2017

Laptop ban on flights: What about the parents? Per BBC News - In other words "will nobody think of the children"

This breeder centric BBC report really does take the piss and includes anti President Donald Trump sentiments front and centre:

'When the laptop ban on some flights to the US and UK was announced, there was an audible groan from business people across the world who use those precious hours to keep on top of work.

But there was another group who took an even deeper intake of breath: parents.

"@realDonaldTrump this is absurd," wrote one panicked Twitter user. "My toddlers can't go 2 miles w/o an ipad."

"Making kids sit through a 14 hour flight with no screens to distract is a form of terrorism," another dryly noted.'

Dryly? That's one word for it.

Oddly whilst President Donald Trump gets blame heaped upon him, there's none for the Islamist terrorists who've created the situation.


opit said...

That might have something to do with the danger from Islamist terrorists being significantly less than the risk from lightning - with the risk from reich wing nutbars being somewhat higher.

Anonymous said...

BTW Think of the bonus. Fatherland Insecurity and Harassment will miss an opportunity to needlessly spy on the intimate details of travelers' lives...reducing makework load.

Not a sheep said...

opit - Remind me how many planes have been brought down by 'reich wing nutbars' as opposed to Islamist terrorists'.