Saturday, 11 August 2018

Corbyn holds wreath for Palestine 'martyrs' tied to Munich massacre

Another day, another Jeremy Corbyn antisemitism claim. 

This time this:

''It beggars belief that anyone would wish to honour the terrorists behind the brutal massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at Munich,' said Jennifer Gerber, director of Labour Friends of Israel.

'However, it is sadly utterly unsurprising that Jeremy Corbyn appears to have done so. Others will rightly regard it is as totally sickening.''

The whole story is here in The Mail 

'Last night sources close to Mr Corbyn insisted he was at the service in 2014 to commemorate 47 Palestinians killed in an Israeli air strike on a Tunisian PLO base in 1985.

But on a visit to the cemetery this week, the Daily Mail discovered that the monument to the air strike victims is 15 yards from where Mr Corbyn is pictured – and in a different part of the complex. 

Instead he was in front of a plaque that lies beside the graves of Black September members.


The plaque honours three dead men: Salah Khalaf, who founded Black September; his key aide Fakhri al-Omari; and Hayel Abdel-Hamid, PLO chief of security. 

Adjacent to their graves is that of Bseiso.


Black September, the terror group which massacred 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics.


One picture places Mr Corbyn close to the grave of another terrorist, Atef Bseiso, intelligence chief of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. 

Bseiso has also been linked to the Munich atrocity. Another image shows the Labour leader apparently joining in an Islamic prayer while by the graves.'

So once again there are options:
1. was Jeremy Corbyn mistakenly standing by the wrong graves having been mislead by his hosts 
2. did Jeremy Corbyn know what he was doing at the time and is lying to cover up his true beliefs 

If 1. above then he's either really unlucky (again) or really really stupid. 

If 2. above then he's as nasty a piece of work as many believe. 

Either way don't expect the Labour Party's propaganda arm, the BBC, to report the story or raise the questions. The BBC would far rather attack Boris Johnson ostensibly for his remarks on burquas but really to destroy a leading Brexiteer than ask serious questions about the suitability for power of an antisemitic Marxist. 

That communist link is also something that Jeremy Corbyn gets a free pass on and features only at the end of The Mail article:

'Mr Corbyn recorded his visit to the Tunisian cemetery – a year before he became Labour leader – in an article for the communist newspaper, the Morning Star.'

Corbyn and McDonnell seem to be leading the Labour Party further and further to the left, whilst the BBC all but ignore the issue and the type of regime that a Labour Party election victory would usher in. 

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