Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Yes another...

'Campaign Against Antisemitism has exposed a Labour councillor, Ifran Mohammed, who shared a Facebook post claiming that Jews were warned to stay home on 9/11.

Mr Mohammed is a councillor for the Ferndale Ward in Lambeth. According to Lambeth Council's website, Mr Mohammed sits on the Equality Impact Assessment Panel and is a member of Faiths Together in Lambeth.

In stark contrast with his supposed commitment to equality and interfaith togetherness, on 5th December 2015 he posted a video on Facebook claiming that Jews "received a text message before the incident 'Do not come to work in [sic] September 11'" and that there are "Israeli ties to the September 11 attacks".'

More here but definitely not on the Labour Party's propaganda arm and borderline antisemitic organisation, the BBC. 

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