Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Leaked Labour papers reveal scale of challenge to tackle antisemitism

The Guardian report this:

'Leaked Labour papers reveal scale of challenge to tackle antisemitism
National executive committee only considered a minority of cases before disputes panel because of time constraints

Leaked Labour disciplinary papers have laid bare the scale of the challenge the party's governing body faces in tackling antisemitism.

The paperwork, seen by the Guardian, was sent to national executive committee (NEC) members on 3 July, ahead of a meeting of the governing body's disputes panel, which can refer members for expulsion.

The papers for the disputes panel, which all members of the ruling body can attend, lay out the party's case against suspended members, compiled by party officers who then recommend sanctions to take.

Around 70 cases are believed to be pending. However, the papers reveal only a minority were considered by the NEC because of time constraints. '

The BBC haven't seen fit to report such news. Being that they are more interested in getting a Labour government elected than the inconvenient persecution of British Jews. 

Later in the Guardian report was this:

' Corbyn, who left the group in 2015, denied having seen any antisemitic content directly, saying he would have challenged it had he seen it.'

Is Jeremy Corbyn a liar, blind or stupid? 

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