Sunday, 12 August 2018

The right to ridicule is essential to free speech per Matthew Parris

Matthew Parris's recent articles have left me with a sinking heart as I have to read through more re-moaning rubbish, well-written but still moany rubbish. However Saturday's piece entitled 'The right to ridicule is essential to free speech' should be read by every BBC journalist who joyously jumps on the anti Johnson bandwagon as part of their opposition to Brexit and their determination to see a Labour Party victory at the next General Election. 

The article begins thus:

'Boris Johnson is a flawed politician but we must defend to the hilt his use of invective and insult, wherever directed...' 

Indeed we should, else free-speech suffer as '"hate-speech" become the successor to Orwell's "thought-crime"'.

Do read the whole article and understand that freedom of speech is important and must be protected. 

The original article is here

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